Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Fort Collins, CO

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Fort Collins, CO

Tired of your old, outdated bathroom? Give your home an upgrade with a modern bathroom design. Rocky Mountain Kitchen and Bath is the top choice for bathroom remodelers in Fort Collins and Loveland and the surrounding area. You can rely on us as your bathroom remodeling contractor for exquisite craftsmanship and lasting results. Schedule a bathroom renovation project consultation today.
Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Fort Collins CO
Bathroom Remodeling Fort Collins CO

Build the Bathroom You Have Always Wanted

You can rely on us as your Bathroom remodeling is a great way to makeover a portion of your home. No matter what you envision for your dream bathroom, we offer quality services and high-end materials. Whether you are simply looking for new bathroom fixtures or an entire bathroom remodeling project, we’ve got you covered with:

  • Professional work
  • Less risk of delays
  • Save time and money
  • Lasting results

Bathroom renovations allow you to change the bathroom floor, color scheme, light fixtures, bathroom vanity, and more to make the most out of your square footage.

Start Planning Your Fort Collins Bathroom Makeover

It’s easier to get the results you want when you work with the right bathroom remodeling contractors. At Rocky Mountain Kitchen and Bath, we have decades of combined experience providing expert renovations for homeowners throughout Fort Collins and the surrounding area.

We have a stress-free process for completing your bathroom remodel. We start by discussing your ideas and providing a quote. Whether you want a small bathroom remodel or a complete overhaul, we are the preferred choice for renovation projects in Fort Collins.

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Latest Modern Upgrades for Bathroom Renovations

Pricing for Every Homeowner

Bathroom Remodeling Pricing

Base Bathroom Remodel

Base Bathroom Remodel


Rejuvenate your bathroom with a new tub, tile surround (including a standard niche), tile flooring, and vanity/counter unit. Includes an undermount sink, new fixtures, and new lighting and vent fan in existing locations. We’ll add new baseboard trim and give a fresh cost of paint to existing trim and walls.

Average Bathroom Remodel

Average Bathroom Remodel


Get a bit more customization with a new tiled shower enclosure including a custom-built niche and glass door option. Includes new tile floor, vanity, new fixtures, and new lighting. An upgraded vent fan and painting are also included. Price is based on a 5×8 bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Fort Collins CO

Highest Bathroom Remodel


Turn a larger-sized bathroom into your own private retreat with upgraded options throughout. The stand-up shower enclosure features custom tile, upgraded niche, and high-end plumbing and fixtures. Includes reconfigured lighting and fixtures, higher-end floor tile, and upgraded vanity with a custom top.

Prices are averages and may change depending on your choice of materials, appliances, and finishes.
You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique project after the in-house consultation.


A bathroom remodel can cost as little as $2500 on a budget DIY remodel, all the way up to upwards of $60,000.
You should avoid poor planning leading to a misuse of space, poor lighting, not allowing enough storage, poor drainage, and poor ventilation.
The first step is to look at the space you have and decide what layout you’d like and what you’d like to go in there. Choose a color scheme and then fittings, tiles, flooring, and furniture to match. Take out the old bathroom and then put the new one in.
You should always consider the design and layout first. Make the most out of the space you have and ensure you have ample storage.
Unless your building is listed you’ll only need a permit if you’re removing or putting up a wall.
You can do a lot of it yourself if you have the skills to, but do be careful because if any of it goes wrong it can cost a lot more to fix than if you’d got a professional to do it in the first place.
Take a look at a few portfolios and see who does work that you like, then get a few quotes and have some consultations and see who offers exactly what you’re looking for.
Depending on the size of the bathroom and the extent of the work that needs to be done, it could take as little as 5 days up to around 6 weeks.
A remodeled bathroom can add up to 4-5% to the home’s value.
A bathroom remodeling contractor will see the project from the initial design and quoting, through ripping out the old one to the finished product.
A renovation refers to restoring something to its original state, whereas remodeling means creating something new.