Custom Cabinets

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Fully Custom

At Rocky Mountain Kitchen And Bath, we are very aware that our customized cabinet creation service can add immediate and long-lasting value to your kitchen cabinets. Here are three of the most apparent advantages of custom-built cabinets for your home.

1. Longevity: At Rocky Mountain Kitchen And Bath we take immense professional pride in the service we offer and we ensure all your cabinets are built to last. This means that when you order them from us, you know that you are making a very worthwhile investment.

2. Locally Sourced: Another major advantage of Rocky Mountain Kitchen And Bath's customized cabinets is that all of our custom cabinets are built and sourced locally by a local master cabinet builder. We are very fortunate to have a direct relationship with a local shop right here in Northern Colorado, where all of our cabinets are built.

3. Made To Order: The reality is that irrespective of the size and shape of your kitchen, custom-built cabinets from Rocky Mountain Kitchen And Bath can provide immediate results for your home. So, if you have an unconventional kitchen with a complicated floor plan, you can rest assured that we will be able to accommodate your needs.


Rocky Mountain Kitchen and Bath is proud to partner with SOLLID Cabinetry to offer three excellent options to suit your specific needs - Value Series, Select Series, and Designer Series. Each line includes dozens of color and style options to choose from.

Having control over the elements that make up your kitchen is important, but oftentimes that comes at a higher price point. At Rocky Mountain Kitchen and Bath, we offer semi-customized kitchen cabinets at an affordable cost. Not only that, our semi-custom cabinets can be shipped and installed in your home significantly faster than with most other semi-custom cabinet providers.