Bathroom Remodeling Services

A dated bathroom is stressful and frustrating! Seeing the latest trends on Pinterest, HGTV, and other outlets adds to that frustration every time someone walks into their dated bathroom.

At Rocky Mountain Kitchen and Bath we believe a bathroom should be a place to relax and get a little peace and quiet after a long day. If your bathroom doesn't make you feel relaxed, than maybe it's time for an upgrade!

For some homeowners, a bathroom remodel is the last chance to save their home's most important room from total decay, while for others it is simply a way of changing the tiles, wallpaper or cabinet color for the years to come.

If you'd like to talk about current trends and possibilities let us know!

Two Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation

Enhanced Enjoyment and Increased Relaxation - Recent residential research indicates that on average you spend somewhere between two and three hours per week in your bathroom. Given the time that we spend in this room, it stands to reason that it should perform more than just functional tasks. At Rocky Mountain Kitchen And Bath, we can design and install a range of small changes that could result in a big difference for the look and feel of your bathroom. For instance, our skilled team can make a small space seem far larger with the addition of a mirror. Similarly, we can a transform a cold and impersonal bathtub into something altogether more enticing with the addition of new pattern or color scheme.

Increased Space - There is no doubt about it, space is one of the most important commodities when it comes to a bathroom. If you can sit on the toilet and still open your bathroom door then it is clear that space is of a premium and needs to be maximized. The reality is that even the smallest of bathrooms can be made to feel bigger in no time at all with a little structural ingenuity. You should never feel claustrophobic in your own bathroom and with Rocky Mountain Kitchen And Bath's, we can guarantee that every inch of space will be used.

Newely remodeled bathroom